Small businesses in Pakistan, especially south Punjab, do not have much exposure to the customers. Also, they are unaware of marketing tactics to gain the attention


The growing e-commerce market has a major problem; most of today’s e-commerce websites have very Low conversion rate.

The Enviro Solution

Potholes: Unconditional near -death or deadly accidents & traffic jam. Around 36,000 people were killed in road accidents across the country last year (Feb 13,2019) report.

E.F.G. Construction

E.F.G. Construction is a company whose aim is to start a trend of green construction. The company’s foremost purpose is to make the

HarKaam Pvt Ltd.

Powering the gig economy in Pakistan – opening doors for the next 1M freelancers!
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This mobile application uses state-of-the-art Digital Image Processing and Deep Learning Algorithms. 5Hazar aims to commercialize


Merafuture offers high school students an AI-based affordable and accessible aptitude testing that helps them select a field of future study.


Batoor is an on demand delivery and online shopping marketplace which delivers all kind of products and items at your doorstep in minutes.