Problem Statement

To reduce the cost, use of natural resources, and GHG emission during construction of structural members.

    Startup Intro

E.F.G. Construction is a company whose aim is to start a trend of green construction. The company’s foremost purpose is to make the world a better place by recycling, reusing, and reducing plastic waste. We in EFG Construction have successfully tested and modeled the use of plastic in structural elements to reduce the structural weight, CO2 emission, cost & time in addition to decreasing the consumption of natural resources by the construction industry. We as a company have targeted the mission to make this company into a company that only uses green techniques in every phase of construction, be it for structural elements, things related to aesthetics, or elegance like tiles, paints, etc.

Current Status: Seed – Actively Developing MVP

About Innovators

Name : Ayan Raza
City : Karachi
Province: Sindh




Ayan Raza

Dr. Muhammad Imran





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