Problem Statement

Do you remember your parents telling you to become a doctor or an engineer or be a failure? We can all relate to being confused and not knowing what to really do in our teens? Well, 50 million high school students in South Asia have little or no access to career counselling services. They are making their career decisions without any guidance whatsoever or parental pressure.

       Startup Intro

Merafuture offers high school students an AI-based affordable and accessible aptitude testing that helps them select a field of future study. Plus, we match high school students with successful University students and suggest suitable fields to pursue. We are disrupting the $12 billion industry with our app and web-based solution. We have already acquired 13000 students in less than a year and are growing at a very rapid pace. We are raising a pre seed round of $6,00,000 to expand globally.”

Current : Growth – Business Model Clear, Many Customers Acquired, Ready to Fly


       About Innovators

 Name: Dr. Zunaira Saqib
 City:  Islamabad
 Province:  Punjab




Dr Zunaira Saqib

Hamza Azmat

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