Small businesses in Pakistan, especially south Punjab, do not have much exposure to the customers. Also, they are unaware of marketing tactics to gain the attention


The growing e-commerce market has a major problem; most of today’s e-commerce websites have very Low conversion rate.

Cash the Trash

The project is based on idea of development a smart phone application and deposit center where users can deposit their sorted waste and get points in exchange


Bio-Being is an eco-friendly fuel provider which is Bio-Diesel. Our product, first time in Pakistan for a commercial sector, reduces global warming emissions,


We are working on developing a method which we can use to detect any disease at an early stage with on-the-spot testing methods.

Calorie Hackers Pakistan

An online and physical nutrition Consultation startup to help communities in combating malnutrition, Obesity, cardiovascular disease


XpertFlow is a preventive healthcare company that accelerates the detection time for life threatening medical conditions in hospitals using Artificial Intelligence.

The Enviro Solution

Potholes: Unconditional near -death or deadly accidents & traffic jam. Around 36,000 people were killed in road accidents across the country last year (Feb 13,2019) report.

E.F.G. Construction

E.F.G. Construction is a company whose aim is to start a trend of green construction. The company’s foremost purpose is to make the