The complete recruitment lifecycle takes a lot of time, effort & manpower. According to some analyst it could take as much as a few months to fill in a position. This results


iQera is the first global Cambridge Assessment Board School recognized by Cambridge that offers O and A-level STEM courses, that are developed using


The objective of this study is the production of high nutritious product (MaxPro) using organic waste as substrate. Fruit waste is utilized as a cheaper carbon source

The Enviro Solutions

Potholes: Unconditional near -death or deadly accidents & traffic jam. Around 36,000 people were killed in road accidents across the country last year (Feb 13,2019) report


Every year, commercial transport loses 120 billion Dollars, and another 1.35 Million human lives just due to road accidents. Surprisingly, near all these accidents are

Smart Trap

Fruit flies are the serious problem for fruits and vegetables all over the world and it causes huge damage in Pakistan, and it is hard to control. Pakistan loses about $200 million


ZariHub is the first agricultural network to connect local farmers, traders and landlords directly with industries also providing artificial intelligence based solutions


A virtual assistant that helps in accounts and finance. Launched (Actively seeking new customers)


“Approximately 40% of Swat Fruits are wasted annually and creating economical, environmental and social problems which affects almost 70% of Swat economy


Batoor is an on demand delivery and online shopping marketplace which delivers all kind of products and items at your doorstep in minutes.