Smart Trap

Fruit flies are the serious problem for fruits and vegetables all over the world and it causes huge damage in Pakistan, and it is hard to control. Pakistan loses about $200 million


ZariHub is the first agricultural network to connect local farmers, traders and landlords directly with industries also providing artificial intelligence based solutions


“Approximately 40% of Swat Fruits are wasted annually and creating economical, environmental and social problems which affects almost 70% of Swat economy is online platform where people can buy and sell animals, dairy products & services directly with each other without any third party involvement.

Circular Energies

Pakistan is an agrarian country with huge biomass resource which is not used efficiently and causes pollution in the form of rice straw burning in Punjab leading to smog,

Flat Plate Solar Collector

We need to develop solutions for farmers and supply chains to produce more from less, this could be water, fertilizer and oil.