Problem Statement

We are working on a concept of self-sustained cattle farming with a unique zero percent wasteland model. Recently we have launched an all-new product bio rods seeming the current crisis of gas and fuel. They are made from waste material, the best alternate of words, and fossil fuels for heat purposes cheaper in price, and have high efficiency. We are eager to take maximum advantage of e-commerce and sell our products nationwide and internationally.

    Startup Intro

“We are making renewable energy sources for the heat purpose. Our raw materials for the green energy are the waste materials. We aims to provide a reliable alternate for energy requirements for homes, commercial usage and industry. ”

Current Status: Seed – Actively Developing MVP

About Innovators

 Name : Muhammad Mohsin Kareem
 City : Hyderabad
 Province: Sindh




Muhammad Mohsin Khan

Syed Haider Abbas

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