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 Problem Statement


  • Pakistan suffers from a lack of adequate health resources especially human resources- the doctors and nurses. With a huge load of patients and a limited number of hours of care given to these patients we deduced a lot of their work was going into manually recoding the data, which lead to inefficient data recording human errors while charting data costly equipment hospital-acquired infections due to loaded paperwork no formal platform for viewing previous patient data and no alert system for the healthcare field.


     Startup Intro

  • Contact less remote patient monitoring in an early warming solution.

    Current Status: Seed (Developed MVP or in the Development)

    Key Achievements:

    • NIB health sector runner up
    • Completed incubation at Aga Khan University’s national health incubator
    • Selected for Stanford Seed Program by Stanford Graduate Business School
    • Selected for Dhaka Regionals of The Hult Prize

       About Innovators

Name : Nimra Basharat Qureshi
City : Lahore
Province: Punjab
University : LUMS


Nimra Basharat Qureshi

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