Problem Statement


The growing e-commerce market has a major problem; most of today’s e-commerce websites have very Low conversion rate.

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“Although e-commence is growing exponentially, the conversion rate is very as low as 3 %!.
This means only 3 out of 100 prospects visiting an e-commence website and viewing products actually buy the products, and 97 prospects do not buy.
Two main reasons of low conversion problem are: a. Product prices are fixed on e-commence websites; b. Customer might like a product but are will to pay slightly less that the price listed on the website.
DBargain offers solution to low conversion rate problem by allowing client an option to bargain the price of a product they like.”

Current Status: Launched – MVP Ready, Actively Seeking New Customers

       About Innovators

 Name : Mansoor Osmani
 City : Karachi
 Province: Sindh 




Mansoor Usmani

Junaid Waheed






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