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Problem Statement

Every year, commercial transport loses 120 billion Dollars, and another 1.35 Million human lives just due to road accidents. Surprisingly, near all these accidents are preventable, as the key reasons behind them are distracted drivers, unauthorized drivers, and risky driving behavior.

Today, modern technology can help solve these problems. And that is what we do. We help prevent collisions!

Startup Intro

Autilent offers Artificial Intelligence based real-time driver monitoring system that can recognize problematic driver behavior and stop the vehicle or report such incidents to the head office. 

Current Status: MVP Developed, actively seeking customers

Key Achievements:

  • Selected by Taqdeem Accelerator from KAUST in Saudi Arabia
  • Winner Taqqadam’s people’s choice award.

About Innovator

Name : Syed Saad Farooq
City : Karachi
Province: Sindh
University : FAST


Syed Saad Farooq

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