Mentor Young Entrepreneurs

ASPIRE Pakistan, a 501c3 non-profit, now offers Overseas Pakistanis an opportunity to donate a few hours a month as a mentor and help an aspiring entrepreneur from Pakistan.


3 One-Hour sessions
per mentoring assignment


Experienced professionals with knowledge and skills and a strong interest in helping startups succeed, a strong interest in social action, strong self-awareness of own leadership ability and values, strong listening and communication skills, empathy, flexibility, ability to teach and provide guidance, and willingness to share knowledge and experience.

Mentoring Process

Once you are matched with a startup from Incubation Mentorship Program, and you
have accepted the assignment, you will do a minimum of three sessions with the startup
at a mutually agreed date and time.

Session 1

Become familiar with the startup and learn its current challenges, the outcome of the first session is a clear list of challenges that the mentor can help them with.

Session 2

Discuss potential ways to address their challenges and help the entrepreneur to come up with an action plan and timeline. The outcome of the session is an action plan for the entrepreneur.

Session 3

Follow up on the action plan to see if they are progressing well. The outcome of the session is the progress report by the mentor and if they are satisfied with the mentee.

After the third session, both the mentor and the mentee can agree on further follow-ups if needed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do something for your country.

A simple donation that everyone can make.


It will take less than five minutes

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One mentoring assignment is for three one-hour sessions, a total of three hours commitment.