HaniX Data Centres

What is Hanix Data Centres

HaniX is ready to launch the new modern Tier-3/4 Data Centres to help the growing digital demands in Pakistan by providing fault-tolerant, reliable, available & highly secure data centres.

Our team combined has over decades of experience in technology, design & solutions to successfully open the next data centre for you.

Current Status

Launch Status: Phase one is complete


  • Phase one is complete of Data Center Team
  • Providing teir/3/4 Datacenter in Pakistan
  • Providing Cloud-based services
  • Data Centre site selection
  • Data Centre physical infrastructure design and build
  • Security, Scalability, Elasticity, Replication and Load balancing

Initiative Website

Initiative Leader

Kamran Mirza
Kamran Mirza
Sr. Program Director-IT Construction and Growth

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