Every year, commercial transport loses 120 billion Dollars, and another 1.35 Million human lives just due to road accidents. Surprisingly, near all these accidents are

Smart Trap

Fruit flies are the serious problem for fruits and vegetables all over the world and it causes huge damage in Pakistan, and it is hard to control. Pakistan loses about $200 million


ZariHub is the first agricultural network to connect local farmers, traders and landlords directly with industries also providing artificial intelligence based solutions


A virtual assistant that helps in accounts and finance. Launched (Actively seeking new customers)


“Approximately 40% of Swat Fruits are wasted annually and creating economical, environmental and social problems which affects almost 70% of Swat economy


Batoor is an on demand delivery and online shopping marketplace which delivers all kind of products and items at your doorstep in minutes.

Butler Services

Bringing domestic help, maintenance and healthcare to your doorstep through an app at affordable, efficient, professional, secure with after work guarantee.


NewVative is an IoT and data analytics company that offers Real-time Temperature Monitoring System (RTMS), for hospitals, blood banks and pathology lab chains.

Burq 7 Tech

We are addressing the issue of high electricity bills by developing an IoT-based electricity monitoring system for household consumers to help them control their bills and

Boltay Huroof

Boltay Huroof is bridging the gap between education, jobs and social exclusion of the Blind community through its Braille translation software and Inclusive Braille Documents