Educational Institutions

ASPIRE Pakistan is a non-profit, formed by a network of overseas Pakistanis, with a vision of a socially and Economically Prosperous Pakistan through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

ASPIRE Educational Institutions

ASPIRE University Chapters

  • Entrepreneurship Training for all your students
  • Access to Advance Training Bootcamps for qualified students
  • Access to Final Year Project Ideas by the industry professionals
  • Access to International Visiting Faculty offering practical courses to your students
  • Access to training by the National Idea Bank
  • Connect your students with other students interested in innovative ideas
  • Job opportunities for your students in startup companies
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Get internationally acclaimed speakers on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Networking with successful entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Access to our training program
  • Opportunity to win provincial and national prizes through NIB
  • Experience Certificates for Chapter Leaders
  • Job opportunities in startups and ASPIRE Network
  • Internship opportunities with ASPIRE Network